Since the launch of our Bromelia Rio Travel Concierge last year, we have loved to make friends in Rio de Janeiro. One of my absolute favorites, was Hunter Lane Treadwell from San Francisco. Like a ray of light, he rode into Rio de Janeiro and gave me lucky opportunity to spend the week with him exploring every corner of the city. The Casa has been invited to join the travel site ‘Minivan of Memories‘ to share a special moment we had with one passionate traveler who experienced the best while traveling Rio de Janeiro. We partner with them for the launch of Pit Stop- their new online exhibit of travel journey stories.

Bromelia Rio takes guests on Rio tours, without the tourist bit. We go explore the real Rio de Janeiro like a local lives. We do not just tour the basic sites, although we are happy to arrange tickets for you. With Bromelia Rio , you will feel like you have a local friend in Brazil. We are available for you, for any issue that might arise during your trip, and are by your side to explore and explain the details that make this city so vibrant.

“One of Casa Bromélia’s favorite guests was a man from San Francisco, California. His dream vacation was to visit Rio de Janeiro during Carnival. Recently, he had experienced a lot of pain in his personal life and was needing a dose of tropical energy to rejuvenate and heal.

Hunter, came to Rio de Janeiro with an open heart and a thousand questions. Most visitors to Brazil approach their picture perfect postcard trip with joy and trepidation. The media paints such a negative image of this iconic urban beach town that those who dare step onto its coconut covered canvas arrive fearful and overwhelmed. The majority doesn’t speak English, the city is sometimes unorganized and is counter-intuitive. This however, does not need to prevent anyone from stepping onto the page of the real Rio de Janeiro and making local friends.

Together we headed straight to a Brazilian café where we got lost in exchanging stories. The next ten days unfolded with us visiting the in’s, the out’s and the in-between’s of this raw city. We walked the markets in Rocinha Favela, made local friends, ate at local beach restaurants on hidden beaches, rode motorcycles through downtown, and danced samba all night at Carnival. By the end of his stay, we both felt a little more alive swimming in the good energy that exploring this warm country brings. Brazil and I were able to take care of him to support his journey and melt away the anxiety associated with the unknown of the largest country in South America. With both the personal space to reflect and a local friend to share and explore with, being on the road created the internal shift this traveler was deserving.”