Hang gliding and Paragliding Rio Tour

Soar over one of Rio’s last standing parts of the Rain Forest, alongside Rocinha (the largest favela in South America) and on to the beaches of São Conrado. The hang gliding and paragliding Rio tour, is by far one of the most sought-after experiences, after the Christ the Redeemer Tour, is this extreme sport. We work alongside one of the oldest and most professional companies who will welcome you, go through training, and fly tandem with you as you feel the freedom of the skies.

Feeling nervous? Upon arrival in the morning, you will be greeted and formerly instructed on best practices by a local expert! Then together you will drive up to the top of the mountains and onto a dedicated Hang gliding / Paragliding wooden platform. From there, you will strap on your harness and attach to your guide. When you feel comfortable, you will set sail together, enjoying the eight to ten minute ride back down to metropolitan life. A once in a lifetime opportunity, you will feel the peace and energy of Rio de Janeiro and truly understand why they call this the “Marvelous City”. Not what you’re looking for? Click here for more Bromelia Rio Tours!

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COST – Your Video Included FREE!
$199 – Paraglide [$249 in high season]
$225 – Hang Glide
Your choice between 8AM – 4PM
São Conrado 
Approximately 2 hours [flight time is approx 15min.]
  • flying expert guide [who will fly with you]
  • choice of adventure sport [Hang Gliding or Paragliding]
  • photos
  • video

minimum age: 18 years

note: Your flight will be reconfirmed the morning of your adventure, to ensure that the weather conditions are safe for flight. Your safety is our utmost priority.



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