Local Rio Samba Party Tour

Local Rio Samba Party Tour

A Classic Brazilian night! Your local Rio Samba Party tour will begin at a local Carioca Home where we will begin by teaching you how to make a Classic Brazilian Caipirinha cocktail, introduce you to traditional Rio de Janeiro music & teach you the basic steps on how to dance Samba. Then we will head to the cobblestone back streets in the center of Rio, off of the classic Port of Praça XV, to a hidden local Street Party with a live Samba band. Performed in the traditional way, the musicians sit in a circle called a Roda da Samba (translation: Samba Wheel), where they play the city’s favorite music while the Brazilian locals sing along. We will make friends, eat street barbecue on stoops of old Portuguese homes & feel the passion of the music that defines this culture. Not what you’re looking for? Click here for more Bromelia Rio Tours!

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Approximately  4 hours


  • learn to make a Traditional Caipirinha Cocktail
  • learn to dance basic Samba
  • transportation from Ipanema to the Party
  • entrance to the Samba Street Party
  • local guide

note: Each night we venture to a different local Samba party. The one pictured in the video is available Monday & Friday; however, every party we attend is local & authentic.


Contact: reservations@bromeliario.com

Phone: +1 (818) 263.9168

Travel Agency Address: R. Barão da Torre, 219, Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 22411-001