What is the Best Time to Visit Rio?

The short answer is: It is always a good time to travel to Rio de Janeiro!

The long answer is: Rio de Janeiro has very temperate weather, so there is very rarely a chilly day. Being a tropical city, you can expect the odd rainstorm here and there, but nothing that will stop the magic from occurring! In fact, take a local tip from us, do not become a slave to the weather app on your phone. Rain is predicted most days in Rio, and quite often never happens. Bromelia Rio Travel explains the seasons in Rio to help you plan and prepare what to pack for your upcoming trip to Brazil.

Rio’s Seasons Explained


Brazil’s Summer [December – March]

The highest temperatures in Rio are usually towards the end of December to March. During this period, it is not uncommon for temperatures to soar well above 100ºF (40ºC). Brazil’s daylight savings time is from about October through March, so you can maximize your hours of sunshine on the beach as the sun sets after 8pm. However, many Brazilians take their vacations during this time as the kids are on Summer break. This means that this is also the busiest time of the year in the city. The beaches can be quite crowded and prices do increase. Remember the following when planning: Many businesses are closed from just before Christmas through the beginning of January. This means that some things you might want to do, may not be available. Second to Carnival, New Year’s Eve is the biggest holiday in Rio. So expect a great energy, but also large crowds.



Brazil’s Autumn / Fall [March – June]

Autumn is another beautiful time of year. There is less humidity and cooler temperatures than summer, with an average of around 80º F (26ºC). There is almost no rain and the beach crowd thins out from the very busy summer. Prices around town drop to attract business and it is easier to find lodging.

Brazil’s Winter [June – September]

From the end of June through September, the city welcomes gentler temperatures and consequently offers lower prices. There is little rainfall and days are often beach perfect at around 77ºF (25ºC)! Although, do not forget your sweater, as temperatures can be cooler in evenings at around 60ºF (15ºC). The off-season still sees a fair number of visitors, but nothing compared to the Summer. Winter also draws a lot of surfers, as it is the best time for catching waves. During this time, the city sees consistent swells along with predominant onshore winds and waves reaching up to 6ft [2m]. The rest of the year, while it is still possible to surf, waves can be less consistent and slightly smaller. Although, water temperatures remain a warm 77ºF (25ºC) all year-round.

Brazil’s Spring [September – December]

Spring is a lovely time of year to visit Rio. Prices are still fairly reasonable and the beaches are not over-crowded. There are less humid and rainy days. With almost perfect temperatures of around 80º F (26ºC), it is still warm enough for the beach but cool enough for a hike through the rainforest. During the springtime, the gardens and mountains are full of color and new growth. This time of year is a horticulturist’s paradise. This is the perfect time to visit places in the city like Botanical Gardens, Tijuca Forest and Parque Lage. These are some of the local’s favorite places to get in touch with urban nature. Please Note: The city generally sees the most rain October – December, when it might pour for days at a time.


And Let Us Not Forget the Best Brazilian Season… Carnival Season

Rio is a year-round destination, but Carnival, which usually takes place in February/March, is the best time to soak up the city’s party spirit. Arrive a few days before the celebrations begin, or stay a few days after they end, to enjoy the museums and other sights that close for the 5 days of revelry. Please Be Aware: Prices rise substantially during Carnival season, and accommodations need to be booked several months in advance.

It is not so much a question of the best time of year to visit Rio but what is the best time of the year for you? If you enjoy the crowds and want to celebrate the holidays then stop in during the summer months. Spring brings flowers and autumn brings peace and quiet. And if you hate the heat but have been dying to visit the rainforest, beaches and classic sites, then wintertime is perfect for you. It is all a matter of preference.

If you have any more questions about your travel to Rio, please send me an e-mail directly. I’m happy to help!