Luxury Amazon Brazil Travel

No traveler who is passionate about wildlife or nature can possibly rest until they’ve delved into the jaw-dropping beauty and intrigue of the Brazilian Amazon. The world’s largest rainforest is packed full of astonishing biodiversity, some of which is still undisturbed by human contact!

The rainforest is crisscrossed by thousands of smaller rivers, as well as the mighty one after which it is named, along which you’ll find small river towns, indigenous communities hidden well away, and at certain times of the year – flooded forests where you can canoe through the treetops.

And contrary to popular, you do not need to rough it! You have several incredible options if you are in search of luxury Amazon Brazil travel.

If you’re not already convinced, here are 5 reasons to make sure your next vacation is in the amazing Amazon!


You’ll receive a warm welcome

The most remote and traditional tribes are still yet to be touched by tourism, however, there are many eco-tours that allow curious travelers to spend some time with tribes and get to know their fascinating cultures and customs while making you feel like part of the family at the same time.

One of your luxury Amazon Brazil travel options is at the Anavilhanas Lodge. A trip here will see you canoe to an indigenous tribe where you’ll find out how they’ve survived by using the natural resources of the Amazon for so long, and a thing or two about traditional medicine too.

Visiting indigenous people and finding out about such a unique way of life is an opportunity not to be missed during your trip to the Amazon.


The biodiversity is second to none

The Amazon is thought to hold at least 10% of the world’s known biodiversity, many of the flora and fauna endemic to the largest tropical rainforest in the world. There are more than 2,000 species of animals, including more than 400 different types of mammals, 1,300 species of birds, and countless reptiles and amphibians. Even more impressive is that there are over 30 million species of insects and more being discovered every year!

One thing is for sure, you definitely shouldn’t forget your camera when you come as there’s a real chance that you’ll see jaguars, caimans, harpy eagles, tapirs, and capybaras, to name just a few! Many of these animals you would never have the opportunity to see them in zoos and this will be a once in a lifetime chance to see them in the wild.

If you’re worried that some of the animals are dangerous, don’t be. You will be exploring the jungle with a guide who knows which animals are dangerous and how to avoid getting too close to them so you can be safe in the knowledge that no venomous snakes or creepy crawlies will ruin your trip! We didn’t say that your luxury Amazon Brazil travel would skimp on adventure.


There’s plenty to do

You certainly won’t be bored during your trip to the Amazon. You can tick an activity off your bucket list for every day that you stay if you so desire. Ever wanted to go on a nocturnal wildlife hunt? Check. How about cave hiking? Check. There’s even the opportunity to scout for elusive pink river dolphins!

Other activities on offer in the Amazon include caiman hunting, piranha fishing, birdwatching, and many more exciting activities!

Remember that you can tailor your trip to suit you during your luxury Amazon Brazil travel, so if there are some activities that you don’t like the look of but others you really want to do, speak to your guide and they can help make it happen.



You’ll be making a responsible decision

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet addressed that the Amazon is under threat. Global warming, deforestation, and logging are just some of the dangers that decrease the size of this wonderful part of the world each year.

Eco-tours are a way to ensure that not only the flora and fauna of the Amazon is protected, but local cultures and customs are too. Your money also goes towards programs that fund education projects and social projects for local Amazon communities. A stay at an Eco-lodge means you will be among other people who care about the local environment and want to preserve and care for communities, flora, and fauna.   



You can enjoy the benefits of a luxury Amazon Brazil eco-lodge

The Anavilhanas or the Cristalino are luxury eco-lodges that will allow you to experience the feeling of being immersed in the Amazon jungle. There’s said to be no better way to fall asleep than surrounded by the sounds of nature, and with nothing else to drown out the noises of the birds, reptiles, and insects here, it’s certainly true.

The beautifully decorated bungalows have spectacular views of the forest, and there’s a swimming pool where you can take a dip after a strenuous day of hiking or canoeing in the Amazon, before having an expertly-prepared cocktail at the lounge, which floats on the Rio Negro. There’s even Wi-Fi so that you can keep your social media up to date, although the lodge is also an opportunity to completely disconnect from the rest of the world.

We haven’t even mentioned the food yet, which is all included in your stay. You’ll be able to try classic Brazilian dishes with a twist, and some ingredients that you’ll find nowhere else in the world. Whatever you want from your stay, your English-speaking guide will be very happy to tailor everything to make sure you have the perfect stay in the Amazon.

By indulging in luxury Brazil Amazon travel, you’ll be able to relax in an eco-friendly, sustainable eco-lodge whilst taking part in some unforgettable activities and even having the opportunity to view rare wild animals in their natural habitat.


Not only that but by traveling responsibly, you’ll be helping to preserve this incredible part of the world while funding education and social projects at the same time, for the communities that you’ll visit on your trip.

Don’t miss out on getting to know the people, the wildlife, and the experience of this amazing part of the world.

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