Brazilian Furniture Shops in Rio de Janeiro


Brazil has incredible possibilities for design. From furniture to fabrics, Bromelia Travel helps you explore all that Rio de Janeiro has to offer. If your story is anything like mine, you have just moved to the city, want to create your home, but have no idea where to start.

You have three choices for home decór in Rio:

  1. You go to the only real commercial design shop in town, Tok n Stok. Their design can be quite good; however, for the price the quality does not pair up.
  2. You buy furniture from your local neighborhood shop. The quality is a hit or a miss, but the price tag will most definitely reflect your Zona Sul address.
  3. You spend months, sweat and tears combing the city for the colorful, local and authentic furniture you imagine as the backdrop for your new Brazilian life.

Having chosen “option C” myself, I want to share with you my favorites locations to help you design your Casa in real Brazilian style with ease.



Depósito Santa Fé

Why not start out with the best? Hidden in the back streets of the São Conrado neighborhood, is a large warehouse of wooden and metal Brazilian furniture. Depósito Santa Fe has four shops in São Paulo and only one in Rio. You can furnish nearly an entire house here, with dining room tables, suede benches, leather chairs, painted wooden side tables, chandeliers, Brazilian artwork, tableware and outdoor furniture. Each piece is unique, well crafted and embraces the Brazilian style. One of the best parts is the quickness and efficiency of the delivery service. But please take this bit of advice, albeit priced fairly, the shop is fixed price. Every single room in my Brazilian home has at least two pieces from Santa Fé!

Velha Bahia

One of the most stylish Brazilian furniture shops in Rio, Velha Bahia offers something for every room of your house. The shop utilizes local materials and creative finishes to produce ‘conversation starter’ pieces. There are several shops in the city and it is well worth checking out each of them as they all have different merchandise. I purchased an extra long, deep white couch that will from now on be in the living room wherever in the world I might call home.


With a carefully curated collection of furniture, Vimoso is your shop for that one-off piece you have been combing the city for. The shop’s color scheme is all natural, often woven, wood or steel furniture. The place is sheik. The price definitely reflects the uniqueness of what you buy, but the handwoven living room table I picked up there is the most exquisite piece in my home.


Every Brazilian home needs a splash of color! At Oppa you will find that vibrant accent piece that changes the entire feeling of your room. Deep magenta, turquoise, and bright canary are a few of their stock colors. But if you enjoy the lightly reminiscent, Danish Post-Modern design in a basic color such as beige or black, they would be happy to make arrangements for you. Oppa also has fun and durable children’s furniture.



Rua do Lavradio

On the first Saturday of every month, there is an antiques fair in the neighborhood of Lapa on Rua do Lavradio. One of my favorite things to do is grab an early morning coffee and climb in and out of the furniture depots that line the same street where the fair is happening. If you see a hidden staircase, my advice is go up it, as there is often unpriced furniture hiding in the rafters. Some of the pieces are original and some are reproductions. Either way, they are a world away from your traditional cookie cutter home decór shops in Rio.



Metro Station: Uruguaiana

Known for its collection of lighting shops, around the Metro Station of Uruguaiana you will find a dense collection of stores specializing in creating the right ambiance for your home. Please note that you must be in a peaceful state of mind to come here. This is the closest Rio gets to a traditional Bazzar, with street vendors, narrow cobblestone streets and shops selling just about everything including the kitchen sink. All of the shops listed up until now will offer incredible lighting options; however, if you have not found exactly what you are looking for, this street will help fill in your missing gaps. And while you are in the neighborhood, might as well pop in to all the knick-knack shops and see if you can’t pick up any extra small local treasures.




House plants and flowers for your garden are extremely pricey in Zona Sul! Good news is that there is an enormous food and plant market near Triagem in Zona Norte that offers outdoor and indoor options at a fraction of the cost. Their orchid collection is top notch, the natural pots are bountiful and the tropical plants are healthy. Come for a scrumptious Portuguese inspired lunch at the Municipal Market and stay for an afternoon of Eco-Shopping. The best part is, that delivery is complimentary.




Palacio Ferramentas

Tiny hardware stores are bountiful in every Rio neighborhood, but where do you go for a one-stop shop? Palacio Ferramentas in downtown Rio, has almost everything you will need to take care of your hardware needs. From electric drills to cement, silicon to nails, electrical wire to bathroom fixtures, you can find it all here at an extremely reasonable cost. The employees are well educated about DIY and eager to help. My first six months in the city, I practically lived here! And to top it all off, it you are unhappy with an item, you can return it for store credit that never expires.




Zara Home

While I find it important to support local businesses, when it comes to home linens including bath, bed and dining, Zara Home has the quality you are looking for. With a constant flux of guests always visiting, my bed sheets need to be soft, even after many washings. I also love my home smelling fresh, so all the senses of my guests feel alive. And what is better than sitting down to a long dinner with friends, served on a gorgeous linen table cloth? Zara Home is best for the little details that turn your house into a home.



If you are in the mood to gain inspiration from local designers, there are two design malls that house a large number of Brazilian furniture shops: Barra Design Center and Casa e Gourmet. They cover the luxury side of home decor and boast great restaurants for when you need to take a break to enjoy a well deserved drink and nibble. If you have any other questions or need a recommendation on design in Rio, please feel free to contact me directly.